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The Smart Alternative to Payday Loans






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Short-term loans for financially responsible borrowers

Because emergencies happen! We provide affordable credit to people with a good history of repaying debt

  • Credit Score > 500

    We provide short-term loans to financially responsible borrowers.

  • Save Money With Bankeroo

    Our rates are amongst the lowest in Canada. See for yourself why thousands of Canadians choose Bankeroo!

  • Start Earning Bankeroo Points Today

    Simply make on-time payments to qualify for larger loans at lower rates. Play it right, and you’ll be debt-free in no time!

  • Flexible & Longer Repayment Plan

    We give you 2 months to repay your loan - instead of days or weeks - making it much easier on your wallet!

  • Instant Decision

    Our online application is fast, simple and secure - no paperwork!

A loan experience built to save you time and money

At Bankeroo, we believe everyone is entitled to easy access to high quality credit

The Bankeroo Jump: your solution to lower rates

Average cost charged by licensed payday lenders per $100 borrowed based on a nationwide study
Average cost charged by Bankeroo per $100 borrowed at each level of the Bankeroo Jump rewards program

Introduction to the Bankeroo Jump

The simple act of paying your loan on time can now lead to significant financial gains

Your 1st Bankeroo Loan

Welcome to Bankeroo! Earn points when you apply for your first loan.

Repay Your Bankeroo Loan on Time

The simple act of paying back your Bankeroo Loan on time earns you points.

Repay Your Bankeroo Loan Early

We love your enthusiasm! We’ll reward you with bonus points each time you pay back your loan early.

Better rates through technology

Bankeroo looks at your financial profile – not just your credit score – to let you know right away how much you can qualify for funding you can access

Credit score
Years of credit
Saving patterns
Job history
Growth potential

Lending Revolutionized

Our advanced analytics and proprietary underwriting software allows us to analyze each applicant’s unique financial profile.

About Bankeroo

Our corporate mission is to eliminate unnecessary costs and delays from the traditional lending process.


Ready to get started? See for yourself why people choose Bankeroo.


Ready to get started? See for yourself why people choose Bankeroo.