Welcome to Bankeroo,Why Bankeroo is quickly becoming Canada’s preferred lender,People are talking, and here’s what they’re saying

Our mission is simple: offer transparent & affordable loans

Welcome to Bankeroo

Our corporate mission is to eliminate unnecessary costs and delays from the traditional lending process, all while providing high quality credit at low rates

Our Story

Universal Right to Quality Credit

It is our belief that every person should have access to high quality credit at affordable rates. Our mission is to provide easily accessible credit to financially responsible people at competitive rates.

Trusted and Secure Personal Loans

Bankeroo is a modern financial institution adapted to today’s fast paced world. So, whether it’s money for a short-term fix or to fund a long-term project, our loans provide you with a quick and secure solution.

Our Background

Diverse yet Perceptive

Our team consists of a unique blend of bankers, designers and tech geeks who came together to restore trust and to fix what was broken in the lending industry.

Stronger Together

By combing our different areas of expertise, we created a unique service that brings high quality credit to financially responsible borrowers via a quick and efficient platform.

Our Approach

Advanced Technology

A fully automated and online lending platform that reviews thousands of data points to guarantee you the lowest possible rate.

Unrivaled Customer Experience

We are powered by the Bankeroo Platform to provide a seamless user experience that guarantees no waits, no lines and no paperwork.

Why Bankeroo is quickly becoming Canada’s preferred lender

Combining quality credit with responsible borrowers to create a world of opportunity

Low APR’s

We take into account data points ranging from your educational background to your earning potential, allowing us to better assess your application and provide you with the lowest possible rate.

Seamless Process

Our unique online platform has been designed to provide you with instant affordable credit.

Expert Service

At any time throughout your application process, our expert team is here to help via call, chat or email.

$10,000 Loans

We offer online installment loans up to $10,000 for qualified borrowers, giving you access to more money with better repayment terms.

People are talking, and here’s what they’re saying

We are proud to help countless Canadians achieve their financial freedom

The overall process for a loan is so easy and simple to use. I highly recommend Bankeroo.


What an excellent company. Your product and services are great, but your customer service is by far the best!


Your process is quick and easy...plus you have the lowest rates out there. I recommend this to all.


Love your longer-term loans. It’s great to finally have the option.


I love your company... Your fees are the lowest I’ve seen, plus you are easy to get a hold of!


Thank you very much. I can always count on Bankeroo in case of an emergency.


This is what customer service is all about...


The Bankeroo Jump is a great rewards program. I’m never using another payday loan ever again. Thank you!


Incredible customer service, thank you!


The Bankeroo Jump rewards program is amazing. I’m just a few hundred points away from being a Gold member!


Finally, a good honest company. It’s about time!


I love that you automatically take the repayment from my bank account so that I don’t I miss any repayments. Thank you.


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